Michael Arthur

RyMar CEO, Michael Arthur, is a Service Disabled Veteran who has over 18 years of experience working with the Federal government and its entities.

Michael holds a BS from Eastern Michigan University. As a United States Marine, he worked both in Administration and Logistics beginning enlisted and ultimately becoming a mustang Captain. During his military career, he did multiple deployments and represented the US government in international foreign military sales. 

Michael also has 16 years in military and civilian safety. He’s been an on-site construction safety officer, Military base Safety Officer, and Regimental Safety Officer. His safety programs have been recognized by several US military Generals and he’s received several military safety awards.

Through his military and civilian construction experience, he has maintained an impeccable OSHA record and holds several years of experience training and working under Army Corps of Engineers Manual EM-385.

Michael has worked on both sides of federal contracting. As a Marine, Michael was a Contract Office Representative. As a civilian Michael worked as a company contract lead and site safety officer. Through both roles, Michael understands the challenges that both a contractor and the government face when executing a federal contract.

Michael’s other passionate pursuits include advocating for veterans and veteran benefits.

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